Lockout Services

Lockout Services

If you have been locked out of your home, car, or business, we are here to help.

Mr. Locksmith MN offers cost-effective lockout services to help you in your time of need.

Don’t be embarrassed; it happens to everyone at least once! We will arrive quickly to reunite you with your keys and get you back on your way.

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Car Lockout

Left your keys in the trunk, on the seat, or even in the ignition?

Call Mr. Locksmith right away!
We understand just how stressful it can be to get locked out of your car, especially when you’re far from home.

Depending on your location, our locksmith will arrive in a timely manner to help.
as we always say: “We will do our best to be there fast
Our locksmiths are always on the roads and ready to respond.

After our locksmith reaches you, you can expect to be back in your car in about 5 minutes thanks to our reliable and hassle-free lockout services.

How Do You Get My Car Open?

We use a variety of professional tools to open your car or trunk without damaging your car.

While many car owners are at least somewhat familiar with the Slim Jim, this tool only works for vehicles with upright locks. When it can be used, a Slim Jim works by sliding between the weatherstrip until it moves the upright lock upward to unlock the door.

locksmith car lockout tools
car lockout locksmith tool

In most cases, we use wedges to unlock your car.
Wedges come in many shapes and sizes to fit an array of makes and models. A wedge creates an opening in the door so our locksmith can use a different tool to unlock the door from the inside.

If your keys are locked in your trunk, our locksmith will simply open the car door and use the manual trunk release.

Regardless of the method we use, your car will not be damaged at all with our car lockout service.
Don’t forget to ask about our car keys replacement service


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House Lockout

If you have locked yourself out of your home, don’t panic.

You don’t need to break a window to get inside; we can help with reliable residential lockout service
If you have wondered, “is there a locksmith near me,” there is now! Our experienced locksmith will arrive quickly to unlock your door and get you back inside without damaging your door.

Most front door locks use a pin and tumbler system that can be picked by a skilled locksmith.
In the case of the lost key, we offer affordable rekey service to replace your locks to maintain your home’s security.

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