Keys & Locks

Keys & Locks

Mr. Locksmit MN is your one-stop shop for all of your locksmith needs from keys to locks we do it all.

If you are wondering, is there a locksmith near me who can install different types of keys and locks for my home, the answer is yes!
Mr. Locksmith MN installs all types of keys and locks from a standard pin and tumbler locks to state-of-the-art keyless entry systems.
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Rekey vs Changing Your Locks

If you have lost your keys, moved into a new home, or a disgruntled employee has been let go, you may be considering changing the locks.

In many cases, changing the locks may be unnecessary.
Rekeying your locks can be easier and much cheaper.

Changing your locks involves replacing the locks completely.
This can be a good choice if your lock has been damaged or you want to change its appearance or level of security.

Rekeying is different. By rekeying, you can keep the same lock but old keys will no longer work. Instead, new keys will be made to fit the lock.

Types of Residential Locks

There are many types of locks that can be used on residential front doors to offer security and beauty.

Deadbolts are most popular for front doors as they have a large bolt that extends into the doorway to prevent entry and resist picking.

Another option is a mortise lock, which does not have the standard rim cylinder deadbolt design. This type of lock is fitted to the inside of your front door inside a cut-out.

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We also install smart front door locks,
which have rapidly grown in popularity in the last few years.

These locks focus on convenience but a keyless model that can’t be picked can also improve security.

Smart locks often feature a touchpad to enter a code, a built-in alarm if the keypad is tampered with, and the ability to lock and unlock your front door with your smartphone.

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Common Commercial Locks


This is the most common type of lock on commercial doors with a design made for frequent use. These locks can be operated with a key or a combination of a key and push button.


Mortise locks are also common as they are reliable and stand up well to heavy use for years. Mortise locks also have greater security than standard residential locks.


A keypad lock is best for businesses with many employees as it allows many users to gain access without giving everyone a key. Keypads are a cost-effective form of key control to reduce unauthorized access.

Crash bar

 Crash bars are designed to make it easier to exit a door, especially in an emergency. These keyless locks allow people to exit without engaging a cylinder or rotating a handle. Most are placed in areas with fire requirements.